Have you found yourself out and about (literally anywhere) and your period just goes "HEYYYYYY REMEMBER ME??".... https://t.co/j8jzQSuiBC
Seems like a good enough excuse to over-indulge... https://t.co/yH7PEveNgR
"You've got the world on a string uterus, love you" (and yes that is a ukulele- you're welcome). https://t.co/o2gVBd8Z2v
Call out to our New Zealand babes for the ultimate girls weekend! Win 2x tickets to the SOLD OUT Adele concert... https://t.co/TGJ4PvEF4B
If only life was this simple 👌🏽 https://t.co/2JN4SKCEtQ
We just dropped off a bundle of cottons vending packs full of pads and tampons to Youth Projects in Hosier Lane,... https://t.co/AijzBTavMn
Thanks to all your continued donations, 2000 packs of pads and tampons are on their way to the Alannah & Madeline... https://t.co/K6axblRhOr
We have some Cottons travel essentials waiting for you at the Cotton Shop right now with our brand new Cottons... https://t.co/YyJJTS0QZV
Preparing for your period, like... https://t.co/qxe9pc99Nl
https://t.co/vLzedcSNy8 Let's be honest, we all have different needs during our time of the month. But no matter... https://t.co/Oyy1PtBB2k