Here’s what women say about Cottons…

Non-Toxic Tampons

The best ecological option, just as functional as others but not toxic!

Maternity Pads

If you’ve had to buy this kinda thing before you understand how hard it is to find a brand that’s comfortable, natural, breathable & gets the job done! I had to use use maternity pads for 10 weeks post partum. I think I tried every brand! These get 10/10 from me. I’ve recommended them to all my new mum girlfriends

Marissa Hickey


Really comfy and absorbent and doesn’t irritate me like the more ‘popular’ brands

Jen Bennett


Highly recommend this product especially for those who have an allergic reaction to perfume. Using these cleared my allergy.

Catherine Gullies

Sensitive Skin

Quite a while ago I started having discomfort with the supermarket ones, I resolved all my problems using Cottons. I use 4 different sizes for different stages during my period.