Parents / Teachers

So your daughter/student is approaching her first period?

Here is some information for you to help guide her through this massive change in her body, and to assure her that what’s happening is just as nature intended.

Some girls can get their periods as early as 9 or 10, while others may not get their period until their later teens. While the average age is around 12 years old, when a girl gets her period is dependent on a number of factors. Have a think about your own experience growing up, for example, when did you or the women in your family get their periods? Usually this is a good indication as to when your daughter may be getting her period. Other factors include her height to weight ratio. Underweight girls are more likely to get their periods a little later, this is normal so assure her not to worry!

While it may be a little distressing for her not knowing exactly when it’s coming, there are signs to look out for so that when it does eventually arrive, it isn’t a total shock.

Her body will begin to change shape, her waist will become more defined, hips will become rounder and her nipples will get larger and more sensitive. Her pubic hair will begin to grow and hair will grow under her armpits. As well as this, have a look out for a white mucous discharge. Once this discharge has been around for a while you’ll be able to tell that her period is getting closer.

It’s a good idea to have an open dialogue with your daughter to assure her that her first period is truly nothing to worry about. It’s unlikely to be a gush of blood to begin with. In general during a woman’s period the actual menstrual flow is no more than half a cup of fluid in total.

At first it may feel like it’s gushing out uncontrollably, but all young women learn how to deal with their periods in the best way they can with a little help from women in their family circle.

For many young girls, knowing what type of product to use depends on what makes them feel the most comfortable and secure.


Using pads seems to be the easiest and, in the beginning, the most comfortable way of dealing with the early stages of your period. Cottons Ultra-Thin regular pads are designed with young women in mind.

They are super slim-line, making them feel like they are barely there, and they feature a unique 100% natural cotton coversheet, which means they are super soft and perfect for sensitive skin.


Usually it’s when girls get a little older and have mastered the use of pads they begin to venture into trying tampons. However if, for any reason, you’re not ready to use tampons, don’t stress, use whatever makes you feel the most comfortable!

For girls just starting out, Cottons Mini Tampons are perfect and only made with 100% natural, chemical free cotton. They are super smooth and easy to insert, and if you have any questions on how to use them refer to the little sheet inside the packs, or ask your mum!


For the stage leading up to your daughter’s period, liners are perfect for making her feel comfortable with the white mucous that begins to appear, as well as the first couple of periods that may not warrant the use of full size pads and tampons.

Made with a 100% natural cotton coversheet, they are slim-line and are designed with young women in mind.

While puberty is often a subject that is difficult and embarrassing for young people to discuss.

Educating young girls about the changes they will experience as they grow up, and have open and honest discussions about periods and what it means to be a woman is so important to us.

That’s why we have developed the This Is Cottons Schools Pack, designed for teachers who want to educate their students about living a more natural, environmentally friendly and overall healthy lifestyle.

We have 3 different options for schools to choose from depending on their requirements and we also have a customised option which means that no matter the needs of the school, there will be a Schools Pack option for you!

All packs include hard and digital copies of our Guide To Your Period booklet a useful tool to engage girls with learning about puberty and their periods in a light and fun way.

We also give teachers the flexibility of choosing samples of whatever products they need for their classes, which is included in the overall price!


All packs include hard and digital copies of our Guide To Your Period booklet.